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Weekly Report - 4/28/2017

Alright folks, another round of links found from across the web.

Fighting the Tide

7 Takeaways from ‘Shattered’, the Book about Hillary Clinton’s Failed Campaign - A summary of seven interesting facts mentioned in the new book that came out about Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign. (I'm actually really curious about reading this.) Among the facts listed: 1) Clinton did nearly any polling in battleground states; 2) Clinton apologized to Obama for her failure (apparently he advised her to concede); 3) Clinton kept asking staff "why the white working class voters were not backing her," showing how out of touch she was; 4) Clinton never defined her campaign message, something which has been repeatedly brought up since then, and was a criticism of her in the 2008 campaign; 5) Clinton continued to poorly handle the email scandal, never admitting fault but instead casting blame on others (which, apparently, she still does); 6) Clinton's speeches to Wall Street banks turned her into a model of an "insider" politician; 7) Clinton never changed her leadership structure from the 2008 campaign, which meant she was surrounded by people who cared more about their own careers than getting her into office.

NY Times Reporter Admits Trump More Open to Press Than Obama - A NY Times reporter, while not wanting "to give Trump credit on things," did admit that "he’s doing better than Barack Obama" with having press conferences, making an outreach to individual reporters, even for organizations like the New York Times, which he criticizes. The reporter compared this to Obama: "When Obama had press conferences, he had a single piece of white paper and he had six or seven organizations that he had preselected to call upon, and a lot of them were pretty favorable to him, too." In fact, back in 2014, journalists "criticized the Obama administration for what they characterized as the worst press access they've experiences in decades."

Washington Post Buries Favorable Trump Poll Numbers - New poll numbers from the Washington Post show Trump's disapproval rating is at 53%, compared to Obama's 26% in 2009 and Bill Clinton's 39% in 1993. Shocking, to be sure, and yet there were other factors the Washington Post failed to mention: of the people polled, 46% said they voted for Clinton, and 43% for Trump; if the election were held today, 43% said they would vote for Trump, with 40% voting for Clinton. In other words, the idea of a Clinton presidency still isn't that appealing to many people (if not even less appealing).

Student Tory groups swell in backlash at Left-wing activists - Membership at conservative groups in British universities are swelling in numbers. For example, the Cambridge University Conservative Association has grown by more than 40%, and new members at Brunel University's student Conservative society have grown by 400%. Students say the growth in new members is "in response to what they say are attacks on free speech by left-wing student groups." I say more power to them.

The Target boycott cost more than anyone expected — and the CEO was blindsided - After Target announced they were going to permit anyone to enter whatever bathroom of the gender they identified with, people declared they were going to boycott the chain. As it so happened, sales "fell nearly 6% in the three quarters after the post compared with the same period last year," and "same-store sales have dropped every quarter since." Contrast this with the supposed boycott of Chick-Fil-A by leftists, which only saw Chick-Fil-A's sales increase 14% that year.

False Flag: Israeli-American Teen Hacker Topples US Anti-Semitic Narrative - Remember, after the Trump election, how there was a string of antisemitic threats across America, if not the world? 100 bomb threats in America, and 2000 worldwide, in fact. Turns out it was all sourced to one Israeli-American teen who wanted "to sow widespread discord and panic by continuously causing emergency teams to respond to the false threats, as well as by causing evacuations, searches and other disruptions." As Sputnik reports, this arrest has "almost singlehandedly" destroyed the narrative "that anti-Semitism was on the rise across the world, and in the US particularly."

Consultant Gives France’s Marine Le Pen 40% Chance of Victory, The Economist gives 1% Chance - With the second round of presidential elections coming up on May 7, some people are already casting doubts on Le Pen's chance to win. The Economist has predicted 1%, while Eurasia Group has contended she has closer to 40%. While we shouldn't count our chicks before they hatch, let's not forget CNN was touting that analysts gave Donald Trump only 1% chance to win.

Foreign Affairs

Juncker trusts EU could survive ‘President Le Pen’ - Amidst Brexit, continued opposition from Hungary and Poland, and growing anti-EU sentiments in Italy, a lot of people are questioning whether or not the EU will last much longer. Add to this a possible Marine Le Pen presidential victory in France, and the pot boils a bit more. Well, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker thinks the EU will survive a Le Pen presidency, and hence says there is no need for a contingency plan. On the other hand French Commissioner Pierre Moscovici has said Le Pen winning and making France leave the EU "would deal a fatal blow to the European project." We can only hope.

EU Chief in Talks With Ignatieff Over Hungary Crackdown on Soros University - EU comes out in defense of George Soros over a law Viktor Orban passed to combat Soros' Hungarian university. No one's surprised.

State Dept sued over funding Soros operations in FYROM - Judicial Watch is attempting to obtain documents from the State Department and USAID, which they believe were working closely with George Soros to push for a regime change in Macedonia. According to the article: "Between February 2012 and August 2016, the US government handed over $4,819,125 to the Soros-run Open Society Foundation – Macedonia (FOSM) and four local affiliates, through a USAID program called the Civil Society Project." In other words, American tax dollars were being used to help fund George Soros' agenda. Lovely, no?

North Korea warns China of ‘CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES’ if it continues economic sanctions - North Korea, through a media statement, attacked their longtime ally China for "failing to criticize actions taken by Donald Trump’s administration" and taking "punitive measures against Pyongyang." It likewise attacked the idea that North Korea could survive without China. Yeah, okay, have fun with that, guys.

Israeli Warplanes Launch Missile Attack on Syrian Army in Quneitra - Source - Israel launched air strikes against Syrian positions near the Golan Heights, reportedly while "the Syrian army was repelling terrorists' attack in Quneitra." The IDF claimed this attack was because "a projectile was launched from the Syrian territory and fell on the Israeli-controlled part of the Golan Heights, causing no injuries." Here's hoping the situation doesn't get any worse than that.

Saudi Arabia elected to UN women's rights commission - Yup, Saudi Arabia has been elected to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. The decision came from "a secret vote during the U.N.'s Economic and Social Council." Now a country which bans women from driving, going out alone, and showing their faces keeps an eye on how gender equality is doing around the world.

Immigration Woes

‘There Is No Life Without Jihad And No Jihad Without Hijrah’: The Jihadist Mobilization Of Women In Spain, 2014-16 – Analysis - Interesting article on a topic that probably isn't covered enough. I think it's a worthy reading.

Forced 14-year-old to sex-rape for rape because he has "suspected ADHD" and can not "interpret" a no - A man from Iraq raped a 14-year old Swedish girl in his apartment, while she screamed "no" several times during the torturous ordeal. That sentence alone should send your blood boiling and make you realized the man deserved the harshest sentence possible by law. Sadly, a Swedish court didn't think along those same lines. The judge gave the Iraqi a reduced sentence on account that his supposed ADHD means he has "difficulties in interpreting and interacting with other people as well as recognizing the standards he is expected to live up to." In other words, his ADHD meant that he didn't realize, as he threatened, subdued, and raped a girl who was crying and screaming "no" over and over again, that she didn't really want it. I'm not aware of anyone with ADHD who is so mentally handicapped that they can't understand the girl crying and screaming "no" isn't enjoying what they're doing to her. But hey, is this any worse than the guy that said he raped a teenager and didn't realize how young the guy was?

5 terrorist suspects arrested in Brussels after arms, ammo & drugs seized in police raids - Belgian police have swooped into a majority Muslim suburb of Brussels, making several arrests. This is the same suburb, mind you, where the mastermind of of the 2015 Paris attacks and one of the suspects lived. Remember too that in last March, Brussels suffered a terrorist attack as well. Ain't open borders grand? Oh and you don't have to feel bad about all this - French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron has said that terrorist attacks will be "part of our daily lives for years to come."

Second Detroit Doctor Busted in Female Genital Mutilation Ring - In many countries, female genital mutilation is a common thing. The article cites a UNICEF estimate that "98% of Somali girls and 87% of Egyptians have endured the procedure." Now, three suspects, including two doctors, have been arrested in the first prosecution of female genital mutilation in the United States.

Idaho: Refugee Boys Admit To Sexually Assaulting Five-Year-Old - Earlier this month, three refugees (aged 14, 10, and seven-years old) from Eritrea and Iraq plead guilty to sexually abusing a five-year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho. Perhaps even more disturbing is what is read in another article: that the local refugee center will "create a program that would give some more education to the kids" so they "understand that type of behavior isn't acceptable." If the kids are that messed up they need to be told sexual abuse isn't acceptable, maybe we shouldn't be just letting them in.

PC Insanity

CNN, LA Times Glance Over Black Bloc Agitators’ Role in Violence, Disrupting Pro-Trump Rally - CNN and the LA Times covered the violence at Berkeley, committed between Trump supporters and the Black Bloc anarchists, but left out little details in their individual reporting. The LA Times failed to mention this was the same Black Bloc which disrupted a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos at Berkeley, "destroying ATMs in the process and causing at least six figures in damages." CNN didn't mention that it was Black Bloc at all, either here or in previous moments of violence.

How Young Muslims Define 'Halal Dating' For Themselves - When Mike Pence wants to stay faithful to his wife, it's misogynistic and rape culture. When Muslims do it, it's simply adjusting societal expectations with Muslim moral sensibilities.

SJW Madness

Today’s Posh Victorian Fainting Couches Are Reserved For College Students - Drawing on a Victorian belief that the wealthy and well-to-do should lock themselves away and relax for hours on end, writer Chris Bray compares this with today's SJW movement at college campuses. Most of the organizers, leaders, and celebrities in these movements, he points out, are from well-to-do families. Furthermore, the desire for safe spaces and to be separated from any and all things that emotionally upset them, only serves to create greater insanity and emotional instability in the students.

Students who avoid making eye contact could be guilty of racism, Oxford University says - Add another notch to the list of "I swear this isn't from The Onion" news stories. Oxford's Equality and Diversity Unit has said that "not speaking directly to people" can now be considered a "racial microaggression" that can cause a person to develop a "mental ill-health." If you want to know how insane Oxford is getting, keep in mind that last year law students were told they could skip lectures about violent cases if they found the content too "distressing." Seriously, this is the next generation of students we're developing.

Clemson set to roll out mandatory diversity course this fall - Hey, Clemson students! Want to know where your tuition money is going? Well, after spending $25,000 on diversity education for their administration and faculty, they're now funding a mandatory diversity course for new students. It's zero credit, and based on a pass/fail grading. Don't worry if you "forget" to sign up for it - the college will automatically sign you up for it at the beginning of the term. The college has also spent $116,000 on "inclusion-related programming across the campus," and pays their chief diversity officer nearly $186,000 a year. Why is college so expensive, again?

UC-Davis student gov votes against American flag - The Student Senate at UC-Davis have decided that it will "not be compulsory for the flag of the United State of America to be displayed at ASUCD Senate meetings," the reason given being "the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual."

Pro-transgender George Washington U. students threaten, attack pro-family group - Volunteers from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property showed up at George Washington University to protest the spreading of the transgender agenda. Students were less than friendly. One said: "I got you a dollar if you spit on one of them." Another said: "If I wouldn’t get caught, I’d kill them all." Some of the volunteers got into a dialogue with student protesters: when one leftist said gender was dependent on how you felt, and a volunteer asked if it was okay to say you were a tree, the leftist said: "Sure! How does you being a tree hurt anyone?" These people are college students, I might remind you. Eventually some of the leftists spat on the people and physically attacked them. Two of the volunteers, who identified themselves as Mexicans, were called race traitors. And people wonder why conservatives are starting to get violent themselves.

Colleges Try to Get Rid of Inconvenient Professors - Are you triggered by a college class? Complain to the college, and they'll try to get rid of the professors for you. No, I'm not kidding, that's happening. For example, one professor was teaching a class entitled Men in Literature. A student complained because "the course content, focused only on men, bothered her." The professor received harassment from other school officials, including petty directives and a sabbatical request denied, for no other reason implied other than his class was triggering people.

Harvard tells students gender can 'change from day to day' - Remember when higher academia was all about the smarts? Not anymore. Harvard's BGLTQ Student Life office (BGLTQ... the heck?!) has released a school-sponsored guide aimed at fighting transphobia. It tells students that "sex assigned at birth and gender identity are not necessarily the same," and adds that "gender expression, identity, and self-understanding can change from day to day." Yes, today I'm Bill, but tomorrow I'm Jill. This sounds both completely rational and not something that could lead to insane chaos.

“Queer Communism” For Kids - A new book is out detailing the progressive nature of the Russian Revolution. It may not surprise anyone that it was heavily egalitarian, sought the destruction of the family, and pushed for normalizing things like homosexuality and transvestism.

Students demand Pomona rescind offer to prof because she's white - Alice Goffman has been hired as a sociology professor at Pomona College. Letters of complaint have been filed to the Sociology Department, demanding they rescind the decision. Why? Because Goffman is pure evil? Because Goffman has caused scandals at other universities? Because Goffman is terribly unqualified? Nope, because Goffman is white, and hiring her fails to address "the lack of professors of color on campus." They also claimed: "The hiring of Alice Goffman has already, and will continue to discourage students of color, and especially women of color, from entering the Sociology Department and academia for years to come." I feel really bad for Goffman. I hope she's doing okay right now.

Colleges Are Rejecting Our Common Humanity and the Science That Reveals It - This article is written from a very universalist, egalitarian mindset of "Why can't we all just get along?" and "Everybody's the same," but it likewise points out that the SJW nature of most colleges is contradicting the original notion that we can all be the same. Rather, it's fanning the flames of racial and social tension by highlighting - if not advancing - those divisions. As the author writes: "It is often the most dogmatic leftist faculty and administrators who aggressively promote the identity politics that ironically increase conflict between members of different groups"

Anti-racism protesters segregated themselves by race - Heather MacDonald was forced to cut short a scheduled speech at Claremont McKenna College when protesters descended upon the event. The protest was organized by a group called "ShutDown Anti-BlackFascists." As was discovered on the group's Facebook page, the protesters actually segregated themselves. The group wrote: "For white accomplices: Please keep in mind that your role at this protest, aside from acting in solidarity with POC students at the 5Cs, particularly Black students, is to serve as a buffer between students of color and the police. [...] If the police come, it is imperative that you stay at the protest with fellow accomplices and engage with cops should it come to that." Protesters were also told not to speak to the press.

Professor says she felt raped by white male student's paper touting men's rights - A female professor, while grading a paper written by a male student, said that she found the paper was "citing questionable and unreliable men's rights sources," which he used to say "feminism is pointless" and "women complain too much about gender inequality." Not only that, but the professor said she felt raped while reading it. I'm not kidding. She literally wrote: "As I went over his paper, I realized that I was reading a paper that sounded word for word like something the man who raped me would say. And not only did this sound like something my rapist would say, this student fit the same demographic profile as him: white, college male, between the ages of 18 and 22. [...] Their words were so frighteningly similar that the rational-instructor side of my brain could not overpower the trauma-survivor side." She admitted that she eventually became so overcome with emotion that screamed "Zero! You get a f---ing zero!" at her computer screen.

Chris Pratt Bullied Into Apology After Advocating For 'Voice Of Blue Collar America' In Movies - In an interview for Men's Fitness, actor Chris Pratt remarked: "The voice of the average, blue-collar American isn't necessarily represented in Hollywood." He suggested that more films be made that centered around this. He promptly received harsh backlash from such great outlets of journalism as BuzzFeed, Marie Claire, Huffington Post, and People Magazine. Soon Chris Pratt came out on Twitter and said: "That was actually a pretty stupid thing to say. I'll own that. There's a ton of movies about blue collar America." That there are movies about blue collar America out there, sure. That diversity is getting pushed more and more to the forefront to the point of ignoring blue collar America, or even demonizing it? That's another matter.

War on Children

Liberal Indoctrination Camps Start at Kindergarten - An after-school project has begun in West Philly which seeks to teach "media literacy." The goal is to teach kids to spot "fake news" - meaning, of course, actual news the mainstream media would prefer you not notice. The article also talks about desires by people to begin regulating the internet, since that's where "fake news" seems to be growing.

Democratic Party Draws A Line In The Sand On Abortion Rights - The new DNC Chairman Tom Perez has come out and plainly stated: "Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health. [...] That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state." You heard the man. Want to be a Democrat? You need to support the murder of unborn children. Are there Democrats who oppose abortion? Sure, like Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. However, despite Tom Perez's strong words, not all Democrats, such as Democratic strategist Lis Smith, support this move - not because killing children is bad, mind you! Rather, there's a concern it would alienate voters and make the Democrats a "coastal party" rather than a national one.


Rachel Maddow Show Blames Venezuela Unrest on ‘Trump Donations’ - While Venezuelans protest and riot over the failed socialist policies of her government, Maddow and MSNBC tried to point the attention elsewhere. Namely, they tried to claim that Venezuelans were mad that the oil company Citgo had given $500,000 to Donald Trump's inauguration. I'm not making that up. A chyron even read: "Unrest in Venezuela Over Trump Donations." By the way, Maddow and company made no mention of those socialist policies mentioned before. Everything is literally Trump's fault, eh?

True ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Will Never, Ever Drink Unicorn Frappuccinos - An article at Huffington Post discuses the new Unicorn Frappuccino available at Starbucks. As the author writes: "The idea of drinking the essence of a unicorn is unsettling to 'Harry Potter' fans, who are quick to point out that in the beloved series by J.K. Rowling the drinking of unicorn’s blood isn’t exactly a great thing." Harry Potter fans have gone out on social media warning people about having a "cursed life." Most grown adults who are able to discern reality from fiction don't give a darn.

Millennial women are 'worried,' 'ashamed' of out-earning boyfriends and husbands - You know how people go on and on about the gender pay gap? Well, turns a study in 2015 found out 38% of wives earn more than their husbands. Yeah, in other words, it's a load of hogwash. (Not that it was every valid to begin with, mind you.) What's more, there's a growing sentiment among millennial women where they feel "concerned, or even ashamed, about the repercussions of their success," based on the idea that "men should be earning more so that they can provide for their families."

‘I Won’t Devote My Life to A**holes’: French Mayor Vows to Quit After Le Pen Win - Daniel Delomez, socialist mayor of the French town of Annezin, blew a gasket when 38% of his constituency voted for Marine Le Pen in the first round of the presidential election, making her the top pick. He openly stated: "It's likely that I will resign because I don’t want to devote my life to a--holes." Just gives further evidence that people only like democracy when it goes their way.

Twitter Highlights

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And Super Mutant of the Week goes to... Bill Nye!

WATCH: Bill Nye DESTROYS What's Left Of His Credibility - On his Netflix special Bill Nye Saves The World, Bill Nye had a segment where Rachel Bloom (of the failed Crazy Ex-Girlfriend show) came out and did a vomit-inducing musical number. Among the very "scientific" things she promoted included the notion that promiscuous sex and degenerate lifestyles are part of evolution ("Versatile love may have some butt stuff / It's evolution, ain't nothing new"), as well as the idea that self-identifying as something contrary to your biology is perfectly normal ("Drag queen, drag king, just do what feels right / You're tall pansexual, flirty wood sprite"). (It probably won't surprise you that Rachel Bloomer has real life daddy issues.) Even more embarrassing is that Bill Nye is off to the side jamming to this stuff. I'm not sure what's more depressing: seeing an elderly man trying to be hip and relevant with the kids, or seeing a man who became famous for hosting a kids show dancing to the lyrics "Sex how you want it, it's your g-- d--- right." (Yes, I'm well aware most of the people who watched his show and would know who he is are now all adults, but you never saw Mister Rogers sellout like this, even after being on the air for decades.) Apparently not too many people are fond of this either; someone uploaded the video to YouTube, and (at the time of this writing), at 548,000+ views, it has only 600+ thumbs up versus a whopping 39,000+ thumbs down. More importantly, this simply highlights the fact that Bill Nye is not an actual "science guy," but rather is abusing his status as nostalgia celebrity to pander towards leftist, progressive causes under the disguise of science. Remember, this is the same guy who said race is a social construct, terrorism was caused by global warming, and babies being lost naturally means it's okay to murder them. (And on this very same show, he suggested that we should punish people in developed countries for having a lot of kids, cuz muh global warming.) He also recently took part in the March for Science, an event which was more concerned about pandering to SJW ideology and bashing Trump than promoting actual science.

And Ghoul of the Week goes to... Chris Cali!

Huffington Post Blogger Declares Trump Supporters Deserve to Die - Chris Cali, a contributor to the Huffington Post, came out with a post entitled: "Trump Supporters Deserve to Die More Than I Do." Naturally, the title alone is inflammatory, and Huffington Post bawl-leeted shortly after. (You can still find archive versions of it, however.) Making reference to the massive bomb recently dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan, Cali said the real target should be working class Trump voters: "They want you to know how much they hate immigrants and Blacks and Jews and gays and women and trans people in public bathrooms. [...] So sorry not sorry, but the ones who actually deserve to have a nuke dropped on them first are the ones who voted to get us all into this mess." Gee, one wonders why the right is starting to get so violent towards leftists?

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Weekly Report - 4/21/2017

Some more useful links this week. Again, been pretty busy in real life, so not as many as there might be usually.

Fighting the Tide

The Battle(s) Of Berkeley–Someone Is Going To Get Killed. Where Is Trump? - Interesting read on the so-called "Battle of Berkeley," and what led up to it. It also asks the important question: with his supporters getting humiliated, attacked, and beaten... where is Trump and his open support for them?

Blindsided: Hillary Clinton ‘Refused to Prepare’ For Populism, Insiders Reveal - Even more information is coming out on just how terribly the Clinton campaign was run. As it turns out, not even Brexit served as a warning to the Clintons, who ignored it and its populist indications until the aftermath of the 2016 election. Clinton also didn't believe that people would turn against the establishment and status quo.

Maher: I Don’t See a Lot of Dems ‘Who Have Learned the Lesson’ of 2016 - Bill Maher says he doesn't see many Democrats who have learned the lesson of 2016. The lesson they should learn? He says: "[People] want to be led. They don’t know the issues. Just show you have a pair of balls. That’s what they can’t stand, is that namby-pamby sh--."

Elections Have Consequences: Trump Defunded UNFPA and Gave Us Gorsuch, Hillary Never Would Have - Regardless of one's opinion on Trump right now, this article reminds us that there are some positive things coming out of this.

Foreign Affairs

US blames Iran for Mideast instability, while ‘conflicts rest at Washington doorstep’ - Interesting, short article that discusses the role Iran has to play in recent Middle Eastern conflicts and politics. One important point it brings up is that Iran has a vested interest in not seeing ISIS rise to power in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, all of which are close (or in the case of Iraq, right up against) their borders. This might be a good time to remind everyone of the time Iran responded to the death of innocent children... only, they were innocent children slain by the groups America was funding. (source)

It’s France’s Turn to Worry About Election Meddling by Russia - By now the Russian bogeyman thing has become a case of self-satire. Like racist fears, it's something for leftists to point at when elections don't go their way, in order to hide the fact that people just don't agree with them in as large numbers as they think. Now the New York Times is actually trying to push this narrative with the French election. (I think the New York Times are as out of touch with populism as Hillary is. Also, notice the begging the question fallacy in the headline?)

OPCW’s block of on-site probe shows Western powers now aiming to oust Assad – Lavrov - Russia is having reservations about the investigation into the chemical attack in Syria. This might be obvious given their ties to Assad, but apparently the OPCW, the UK, and France aren't being very forthcoming with their evidence, and the OPCW investigation team is being run by British citizens - whose government opposes Assad and wants him out of power.

European Court of Human Rights cannot challenge Turkish referendum results – Erdogan - Turks went to the polls on April 16, with an 85% turnout. By the end of the day 51.4% voted "yes" to allow "for constitutional changes which will give Erdogan sweeping powers when it comes to national matters of legislation, finance, appointments and civil society." This will also "allow Erdogan to appoint and fire ministers, name half the members of Turkey's highest judicial body, hold the leadership of a political party while in office, and lead the country for the next 12 years, if he wins future elections." Basically, what José Antonio Primo de Rivera warned about democracy came true.

CNN: Children Slain in Aleppo Car Bomb Attack Were 'Assad Supporters' - CNN ran a report that read: "Dozens of supporters of president Bashar al-Assad are the latest victim of Syria's brutal civil war." Sounds like a military attack against military positions, right? Except for one thing: this was a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 127 civilians... including 95 children. Great reporting, CNN.

WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath - This article is from 2015. Nonetheless, it summarizes some of the things that WikiLeaks revealed about America's involvement in the Syrian Civil War.

Immigration Woes

Champs-Elysees shooting: Gunman who killed 1 police officer & injured 2 ‘identified,’ passerby hurt - An attack against police unfolded in the Paris evening, leaving one officer dead and three injured (including two other officers), with the attacker killed. Police raids unfolded in the Paris suburbs later that night. To nobody's surprise, the attacker belongs to ISIS, and was apparently served twenty years for trying to kill officers back in 2001. In case you were keeping count, this is the sixth terrorist attack in Paris in just three years.

PC Insanity

Comedian Lavell Crawford Apologizes After Saying Gay Men Should ‘Try P*ssy’ First - Lavell Crawford said during an interview: "Okay, you’re gay. At 25, I think you can be gay. If you decide you want to be gay at 25, that’s fine. But try p---- for the first years. Try p---- out. Young lady, try a d--- out. You’re gonna find a good d--- out there." Crude language, sure, but nonetheless, the context of this was with the gay jokes he had been making, and his fear of backlash from the "gay mafia." As expected, the gay mafia struck anyway, calling his comments "shockingly ignorant and offensive."

The purge of a report on radical Islam has put NYC at risk - Last year, the NYPD, on orders from the Mayor de Blasio, got rid of an anti-terror handbook which "accurately predicted radicalization patterns in recent 'homegrown' terror cases." Why? Because the ACLU and Muslim groups (like CAIR) claimed it "the NYPD’s anti-terror training discriminated against Muslims."  Apparently the study showed that the more potential terrorists "immersed themselves in their faith, the more radical they grew." Of course, this has been shown with all previous terrorist attacks, but now pointing out that fact has been deemed too offensive.

SJW Madness

Jim Harbaugh Praises Kaepernick in Piece for Time 100, Applauds ‘Courage He Has Demonstrated’ - Time magazine has featured Kaepernick on the cover of its magazine, with former coach praising him for being "alone in his early protests" when he "boldly and courageously confronted perceived inequalities in our social-justice system." You know, the inequalities that didn't exist (barely 1% of black homicides are done by cops, let alone white cops) and which a large chunk of this country took for granted.

Catholic Group Protests Atlanta Theater’s LGBT Versions of Bible Stories - A play is being put on in Atlanta which portrays "stories from the Old Testament, presented through the eyes of a gay and a lesbian couple." Now they're - SHOCKING! - receiving flack for it. Spearheaded by a Roman Catholic group called America Needs Fatima. The group has openly criticized the fact that the play portrays the Virgin Mary as a lesbian. I might suggest the theater now put on a Broadway rendition of the Sahih al-Bukhari hadiths seen through the eyes of gay and lesbian couples.

Black students condemn ‘truth’ as invention of white people, want conservatives expelled - No, you didn't read that wrong. No, this isn't from The Onion. No, this wasn't done ironically - this is a serious story. The backstory of this is that a Blue Lives Matter speech had been shut down by leftists. A conservative student wrote into an email to the campus community stating: "Our mission is founded upon the discovery of truth, the collaborative development of knowledge and the betterment of society." Three progressive students called this "unnuanced views," adding: "The idea that the truth is an entity for which we must search, in matters that endanger our abilities to exist in open spaces, is an attempt to silence oppressed peoples." Yes, searching for truth is a tool to oppress people. Truth is racist. This is the state of modern higher academia, people. This would explain why SJWs are so hesitant to uphold the truth, however...

War on Children

Jury Told Gosnell Kept 47 Aborted Babies in Cat Food, Containers - Back in 2013, jury members were told some of the more gruesome details about infamous abortionist Kermit Gosnell. This included two reported incidents where Gosnell jabbed scissors into the neck of a baby born alive from a botched abortion. Investigators also found in Gosnell's clinic fetuses "in cat food, other containers," and "frozen in red plastic bags." A true hero to the pro-abortion movement!

Nurses Share Stories of Witnessing Babies Born Alive After Abortions - I have no words to say about this article that would be becoming of a Christian man. It's hard to have any respect for someone who supports abortion after reading this.


U.S. Authorities Reportedly Preparing Charges Against Wikileaks’ Julian Assange - US officials are looking to arrest Julian Assange in an investigation that goes back to the Obama administration. Even though Donald Trump openly said he loves WikiLeaks, it seems he's not doing anything to stop this. I guess there really wasn't much WikiLeaks did to sway the election, eh?

CNN: Democrats Lost Two Chances to Beat GOP in Special Election - The MSM has been hoping that dropping poll numbers for Trump would equal GOP losses in upcoming elections. As events are showing, that's not becoming much of a reality. Even attempts to spin it with "Well we came close!" aren't helping things.

Remember This? New York Times Ridiculed Idea that Russia was America’s Top Foe - Back in the day when Mitt Romney was pulling the "Evil Russia" narrative, he was laughed at by the media. As this article shows, an editorial in the New York Times went so far as to call Romney's belief "either a shocking lack of knowledge about international affairs or just craven politics." Now the MSM and Democrats are pushing "craven politics." Is anyone truly surprised?

Report: More Americans Between 18 and 34 Live with Parents Than Spouse - The US Census Bureau has discovered that 22.9-million people in 2016 lived with their parents, as opposed to 14.7-million in 1975. Contrast this with 19.9-million people living with a spouse in 2016, versus 31.9-million in 1975. (Holy cow!) Likewise, "young unmarried partners living together" has risen from 500,000 to 9.2-million. (Holier cow!) The study also pointed out that "more young men are falling to the bottom of the income ladder": in 1975, 25% of young men earned less than $30,000 a year; in 2016, that's now 41%.

Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam - Interesting article that discusses how Easter, and what it stands for (ie., the death and resurrection of Christ) is so offensive to Islam, and why, especially around Easter, Muslim terrorist groups strike with a vengeance.

Twitter Highlights
  • Hillary Clinton might remind you of another corrupt government official... Click!
  • Keep telling yourself pedophilia isn't the next accepted norm. Keep telling yourself that. Click!
  • No really. Just keep telling yourself that. Click!
  • On that note, let's teach little kids about gender identity! Click!
  • "Everyone is a white supremacist." Click!
  • SJWs: so petty they get triggered by adorable baby pics. Click!
  • Politico thinks Trump is to blame for Antifa running around beating people up. Click!
  • The antifa chick who was punched and how patriarchy affected her summed up. Click!

And Super Mutant of the Week goes to... Howard Dean!

Just look at this tweet - Howard Dean, former Democratic governor and DNC chairman, has tweeted: "Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment." He's not the first one to say this, of course - Canada was promoting this idea quite some time ago. What people have always warned, however, is that what we see going on in Europe and Canada often has a habit of finding it's way here. (Just ask all the American Christians in the early 1900's who were certain that liberal theology stuff rising up in Germany would never find it's way to America.) The bigger question, of course, is what defines "hate speech"? As we all know, leftists prefer to be the ones to determine that, and that leads it into being considered anything they don't like, even if it's just an inconvenient truth.

And Ghoul of the Week goes to... Vivian Kane!

Looking at Who Gets to Talk When We Talk About Abortion Reveals Some Disturbing Trends - The writer at The Mary Sue highlighted an article from Media Matters about "disturbing trends" in the abortion discussion in the media. At first, I thought this was going to be about the blatant bias favoring Planned Parenthood that the mainstream media often shows, or how many media figures and employees are somehow connected to Planned Parenthood. Nope - it's because too many men are featured as guests or experts when abortion is discussed, as opposed to women. For example, CNN had 261-190, Fox News 186-88, and MSNBC 151-114. To quote Ms. Kane from the beginning of the article: "Forget talking about actual issues; the staggering amount of misinformation, as well as the inability of many men to acknowledge that while their opinions may be valid, they can never have firsthand experience of issues relating to women’s reproductive health and rights. These obstacles serve to guarantee we are only ever able to talk around the cornerstone issue of abortion." Yes, I don't know what it's like to have a vagina - I'll grant that. Then again, my gender doesn't determine whether or not I can be right on a moral issue - because that's what abortion boils down to. Recently, a lot of Americans without "firsthand experience" of growing up under the Assad government made a moral decision that bombing the Assad government was an A-OK thing for our government to do. Furthermore, that a woman might speak on abortion does not mean what she says will suddenly become more factual, as Ms. Kane seems to think; in fact, sometimes they can end up sounding downright absurd. One also has to notice that, when it comes to the issue being in favor of pro-choice, few people care about the gender. (For example, is anyone going to tell George Soros, a member of the dreaded male gender, that he should stop funding pro-abortion groups?) The fact is, to argue "men can't comment on abortion" is simply an ad hominem fallacy, pure and simple. In fact, it's the very definition of the ad hominem fallacy. It might be a popular argument for pro-abortion ghouls to make, but nonetheless it's a fallacy nonetheless. You don't need to be a woman to say whether or not it's morally wrong for a mother to have her child murdered.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Weekly Report - 4/14/2017

Below are a collection of interesting links and stories I've found on social media this week. I've had a busy week in my personal life, so there aren't as many links as there usually might be.

Fighting the Tide

Sweden will 'never go back' to the days of mass immigration after failed asylum seeker launched Friday's truck attack in Stockholm, says the country's shell-shocked PM - The Swedish prime minister, shortly after the terrorist attack where an asylum seeker from Uzbekistan killed four people, including an 11-year old girl, has said "the massive influx allowed during the 2015 migrant crisis would never happen again." He's also upset that so many (3,000, it's estimated) are in the country illegally. His new policy? In not so many words: "You have to go back."

Foreign Affairs

Erdogan: “Sick Europe” will pay for “humiliating and oppressing” Turks - Recep Erdoğan has been speaking frankly on his opinion regarding Europe and its opposition to his actions. Now he's gone off the rails again, declaring: "They saw what this system will bring to Turkey. Turkey is leaping, growing. This makes them go crazy." In other words, Europe's jealous. This is on the eve of an April 16 vote which may give him greater powers.

French Presidential Hopeful Fillon Regains Lead Over Melenchon, Now 3rd in Race - Things are looking good for Marine Le Pen in the first round for the France presidential election, which is set to happen on April 23, as she tops the other candidates at 23.5%. However, in the second round, which will happen May 7, Emmanuel Macron is projected to beat Le Pen 58.5% to 41.5%. Then again, they said Trump didn't have a snowball's chance in hell against Hillary. All the same, we shouldn't forget lessons learned from the recent Austrian and Dutch elections; we shouldn't count out chickens before they hatch.

George Soros and Viktor Orbán go to war in Budapest - It goes without saying that Soros and Orbán are two men with completely different ideologies. Orbán had previously clashed swords with Soros, accusing him of being behind the migrant crisis that caused Hungary to pop up its border wall. Now, with the closing of Soros' Central European University, the two men are clashing even more. Basically, Soros wants to model his native Hungary into the progressive nightmare he wants, and Orbán is having none of it.

Immigration Woes

Almost 800 straight-A British students are being denied a place at medical school despite a 'crippling' national shortage of medics that has forced the NHS to recruit 6,000 foreign doctors - While the NHS decries a crippling shortage of medics, nearly 800 British students, perfectly qualified, have been denied access to medical schools, due to a "controversial Government quota system," which comes to save taxpayer money due to the high cost to train a doctor in the UK. (But Michael Moore told me socialized medicine in the UK was paradise on earth!) Because of this, medical students have been forced to go into other countries (including Bulgaria) to study. Meanwhile, the NHS "continues to recruit thousands of foreign doctors to plug a staffing crisis." In other words, the system is preventing native Brits from getting degrees to fill the NHS gap, while the NHS is relying on important foreign doctors since it's cheaper on the health care system. What could go wrong with this?

‘Virtually Uncovered’–NYT Admits CNN And MSNBC Are Ignoring Rockville Rape Read - A New York Times article has admitted that "MSNBC, CNN and every other major network but Fox News" have said virtually nothing about the violent rape of a 14-year old girl by two men, one of them an illegal immigrant, at Rockville High School. It was confessed that "viewers would not have heard about [the rape] if they had turned to CNN or MSNBC." We all know why this is, of course - talking about that would break the narrative that all illegal immigrants are just friendly people who want to come here for more jobs. It might even give Trump and his policies more legitimacy. Oh, and just in case you thought this was an isolated incident, a Mexican illegal immigrant was recently arrested after sexually assaulting a 12-year old girl.

153 Arrested in South Texas During 12-Day ICE Operation Targeting Criminal Aliens, Illegal Re-Entrants and Immigration Fugitives - A 12-day operation against illegal immigration nabbed 153 illegal immigrants across southern Texas. Of those arrested, 137 of them had a criminal record which included "aggravated assault with a weapon, aggravate sexual assault of a child, driving under the influence (DUI), sexual assault, burglary, robbery, resisting officer, vehicular manslaughter, alien smuggling, domestic violence, cocaine possession, prostitution, fraud, simple assault, cocaine possession, dangerous drugs and controlled substance distribution." Whew! They really are sending their best and brightest over here, aren't they?

‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters arrested for conspiring to send detonators to ISIS - Edward Schimenti and Joseph Jones, two men from the Chicago suburbs, were arrested by the FBI after a nineteen-month investigation. The FBI had convinced Schimenti and Jones that they had accessed an ISIS network to smuggle new recruits into the USA, when in fact they were speaking to undercover agents. One of the men talked about how he "dreamed of dropping homosexuals off the Willis Tower" and "envisioned an ISIS flag" flying over the White House. They had previously attended a Black Lives Matter protest, where they had told people to kill the police and blow up the police station. Black Lives Matter organizers have said the men were too radical, but is that really any more radical than the father of Michael Brown screaming, "Let's burn this mother down!"

PC Insanity

San Diego Unified to fight Islamophobia, bullying - San Diego Unified School District has decided to combat Islamophobia. This effort will include administrators and teachers having calendars showing Islamic holidays "to ensure Islam holidays are recognized," students learning about the religion in social studies classes, and "safe places" for Muslim students. Even more astounding is the way they'll handle anyone who bullies a Muslim: "Rather than detention, the school will use a restorative justice method involving the student who did the bullying speaking with the other student to restore their relationship." Yeah, that'll work! Oh yeah, and all of this is brought to you by CAIR, and embraced by the non-Muslims leftists, all in the name of "equality, diversity, and love."

‘Ban Cars to Stop Terror’ Says Sweden’s Best-Selling Newspaper After Stockholm Attack - When terrorists started using vehicles to commit mass murder, a lot of people on the right poked fun at the leftists' inability to deal with the problems of Islam by saying we should ban cars. Well... that satire has become reality. A journalist in Sweden has said we should "must simply be removed from city centers and places where people gather, if people are to be protected in future." We should just ban guns to so that... oh wait...

Harvard to Remove Line Referencing ‘Puritans’ from Alma Mater - "Fair Harvard," the alma mater of Harvard, which has been sung there since 1838, bears the line: "Be the herald of Light, and the bearer of Love, / Till the stock of the Puritans die." Wouldn't ya know it, someone got triggered by those words! Faculty are worried that those words might sound "complicit with racism," and so they want to update the song "for the 21st century." (It's the current year! The current year!) Fittingly enough, it seems to be a non-issue, as most students interviewed say they don't really care. One student said: "People don’t really know about it."

SJW Madness

Red Crayons That Identify as Blue: The Latest in the Radical Indoctrination of Public Schools - This article summarizes some of the craziest things that had been happening in public schools lately. This includes a sixth-grade teacher who gave their students a survey that asked them things like "if they went to a gay bar and someone of the same sex asked them to dance, if they saw their brother kiss a boy." (The teacher, for the record, was later fired.) Another example given is where a high school told students "to write out the Islamic creed, the Shahada, and recite the Five Pillars of Islam."

My Philosophy of Mental Illness - Good article that discusses the transgender issue, and how we went from treating people with mental illnesses to embracing them.

Raping mentally disabled OK, says Princeton prof. - Peter Singer, a "bioethicist who champions infanticide and bestiality," spoke recently on a former ethics professor who was "imprisoned for aggravated sexual assault of a man diagnosed with cerebral palsy." Professor Singer said that his colleague was "a victim of grievous and unjust harms." Why? Because she was "motivated by love," and didn't cause any real harm on the man, and since he didn't seem to show any real signs of resistance, he might have liked it. (Now imagine the victim was a woman and the perpetrator a man, and think how far that would fly.) While he's receiving criticism from other ethics specialists, one person remarked that it was "not implausible that he is simply following through with the uncomfortable implications of his broader philosophy."

Google Accused of Huge Gender Pay Gap - Last week it was discovered that Elizabeth Warren, a huge advocate for ending the (supposed) gender pay gap, was herself guilty of committing it. Now it turns out - OOPS! - Google, one of the bastions of progressive corporations, are themselves guilty of this. The US Department of Labor claim Google has an "extreme" gender payment gap - and one that is "extreme even for the industry."

War on Children

Planned Parenthood Will Give Pro-Abortion Hillary Clinton Its “Champion of the Century” Award - Planned Parenthood has given Hillary Clinton an award to celebrate her "40 years of service to women and girls in this country." This really isn't any surprise, given they spent some $30-million to try to get her elected. Clinton, like she does to anyone who signs her checks, had nothing but good things to say about Planned Parenthood, praising their "overarching mission of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the cause of reproductive freedom." Reproductive freedom being, of course, leftist doublespeak for killing your own children. Election funding aside, it really shouldn't surprise us Clinton and Planned Parenthood are such buddies: besides the fact both have the blood of Americans on their hands, both Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton have helped get rapists in some way. They sure have helped women and girls, huh?


Pakistan: "Christian Girls Are Only Meant for the Pleasure of Muslim Men" - The Movement of Solidarity and Peace has been cited saying "around 700 Christian women in Pakistan are abducted, raped and forced into Islamic marriage every year." Local residents in Pakistan have likewise been cited saying: "Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right. [...] Muslims regard them as spoils of war." The article goes on to discuss incidents where Christian women, refusing the advances of Muslim men, were later harassed or assaulted.

ISIS executing civilians for trying to flee Mosul – eyewitnesses - Just another record of ISIS' actual, verifiable cruelty, while the MSM chooses to focus on the evil Assad.

MSM like CNN, BBC To Help Google Fight “Fake News” - Recently Google announced its intent to fight "fake news" from popping up in searches. Its blog declared that it was employing a variety of resources and companies for this endeavor, and "the international fact-checking community currently consists of 115 organizations." Sounds great... except these organizations include CNN, BBC, The Guardian... organizations that have been known to promote fake news. Great.

Majority Of Republicans Want War In Syria - A poll released by CBS shows that people in this country don't learn from the past. Of all Americans, 57% approved of the air strikes in Syria, while 36% opposed. What's more, 48% of Americans support more military action in Syria, with just 34% opposing. On the Republican side, 84% support the move; among Democrats, 40% supported the move. I'm really worried about the future state of American foreign policy.

MSNBC’s O’Donnell: Maybe Putin Masterminded Chemical Attack So Trump Could Look Good by Striking Syria - Between Chris Matthews saying Susan Rice is under fire for being a woman, Christopher Hayes showing how detached from the opposing side he really isJoy Ann Reid infamously claiming Russia was still a communist country, and Rachel Maddow pulling a media stunt that single-handedly kills a narrative and makes Geraldo Rivera look good, it's hard to imagine why anyone takes MSNBC's talking heads seriously anymore. Add to this tally of embarrassments pundit Lawrence O'Donnell, who seems keen to keep up the Russian hacker narrative to the point of irrational thought. On his show, O'Donnell "floated a theory" that Russia told Assad to launch a chemical attack "big enough to attract media attention and prompt President Trump into launching a missile strike, which would then change the subject from Russian influence." Yes, that makes perfect sense. Vladimir Putin was just so worried about the media uncovering Russian influence in the election that he called up Assad and asked him to commit international suicide by doing something that would distract the American people and make Trump launch attacks that would strengthen and embolden the people Putin is trying to defeat. Makes sense to me!

Twitter Highlights

  • Sean Spicer deals with the press... Click!
  • Andrea Mitchell has to be told to behave like a grown woman at a press conference. Click!
  • CNN's hypocrisy to Spicer's Hitler comments summarized in one tweet. Click!
  • When a media outlet can't decide what position to take. Click!
  • When you get tired of hearing leftists quoting Harry Potter ad nauseum... Click!
  • CNN's Jake Tapper quotes a well known propaganda account. Click!
  • Also, just a reminder: Jake Tapper is a propaganda account himself. Click!
  • Mother Jones: bastion of thoughtful journalism. Click!
  • During Holy Week, the Libertarian Party quoted the Satanic Temple. No, really. Click!
  • A bomb gets dropped in Afghanistan. White women are to blame. Click!
  • African population in London and the percentage of gang rapes. Click!
  • I'm losing count of how many times something Chelsea Clinton does on Twitter backfires on her. Click!
  • Maybe Reaganomics really is a failure. Click!
  • Feminists: when a woman reaches mutual sexual pleasure with a man, she supports patriarchy. Yeah okay sure whatever... Click!

And Super Mutant of the Week goes to... Bill Mitchell!

Just look at what he tweets on a regular basis - Let me clarify I have nothing personal against Bill Mitchell. He's said some good things. I don't disagree with everything he says. I don't wish any harm against him or his family. That being said, some of the stuff he's been tweeting lately has just been beyond satire. For example, while attacking those critical of Trump over the recent Syrian bombings, Mitchell tweeted: "#Fakebase wants Trump to follow an agenda. #TrumpTrain wants the agenda to follow Trump." In other words, base your agenda not on what Trump promised he would do, or on what principles he stood for, but on whatever Trump says he's gonna do. Y'know, like a cult! If anything, Bill Mitchell represents that strand of the Trumposphere that really did buy into all the "God Emperor" memes, and really does think Trump is infallible in every way. One person on Twitter actually put it best: "I think I have to unfollow @mitchellvii. It's not even funny enough to troll anymore. Every f---ing tweet just makes my heart sink."

And Ghoul of the Week goes to... Shelley Garland!

Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise? - Shelley Garland has written an article at Huffington Post which argues for the best method of carrying out the "redistribution of the world’s wealth." Her solution? Take away the ability for white men to vote! As she writes: "If white men no longer had the vote, the progressive cause would be strengthened. [...] This would also strike a blow against toxic white masculinity, one that is long needed." She admits this "may be unfair," but reminds us that "a moratorium on the franchise for white males for a period of between 20 and 30 years is a small price to pay for the pain inflicted by white males on others." She concludes her article with: "Although this may seem unfair and unjust, allowing white males to continue to call the shots politically and economically, following their actions over the past 500 years, is the greater injustice." Let's be fair, this is the feminist, Social Justice Warrior mentality carried through to its logical conclusion. This is precisely why, then they get in large numbers or obtain some sort of power, censorship and persecution of opposing thought naturally follows. Shelley Garland isn't an extremist in the feminist/SJW camp - she's simply the more honest part of the norm.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Weekly Report - 4/7/2017

Below are a collection of interesting links and stories I've found on social media this week.

Fighting the Tide

FREAK OUT, thy name is Cecile Richards: Planned Parenthood goes into PANIC mode over Justice Gorsuch - Neil Gorsuch, Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, was appointed as Supreme Court judge thanks to Senate Republicans enacting the "nuclear option" to end the Democratic filibuster. (Something which ticked off the Democrats, even though they were the ones to invent the nuclear option.) Gorsuch is a pro-life judge, which has greatly upset Planned Parenthood and their head ghoul Cecile Richards. In my mind, anything that sends Cecile Richards into panic mode is fine by me.

'Pinkwashing' populism: Gay voters embrace French far-right - For as much as the LGBT community decry how the far-right are a bunch of big racist meanies, it seems like the average French gay is starting to realize that between the right-wing wanting to keep Muslims out and the left-wing wanting to let more Muslims in, they'd rather have the right-wing - specifically the part of Marine Le Pen. The Associated Press reports: "A growing bloc of traditionally left-leaning gay voters has embraced far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, leader of the once-fringe National Front party." This is confirmed by an IFOP poll: "At 16.5 percent, the proportion of gay, lesbian and bisexual people supporting the party last fall was 2 percentage points higher than its share of straight voters, according to the firm's research." This might be because Islam is inherently homophobic by left-wing standards, given their prophet Muhammad ordered the death of homosexuals. Even the Pulse Club shooting in America boosted Le Pen's standing among French gays. This is especially important as Le Pen recently surged into a 47% tie with conservative candidate Fillon. (source)

Bit by Bit, Trump Methodically Undoing Obama Policies - A little summary of the promises Trump has been fulfilling thus far, as it's good to keep track of these things. So far he's fought against Obama's policies regarding climate change, trade (eg., TPP), the Keystone pipeline, and the conflict against corrupt Planned Parenthood. We might add here: the Justice Department plan to send the some 20% of inmates who are non-citizens back to their home countries (source); Trump's plan to cut government regulations (source); Trump's defunding of the abortion-enabling UNFPA (source); and Ben Carson's recent discovery of nearly $520 billion in wasted funds in the HUD - good job, Ben! (source)

NYPD Skirts ‘Sanctuary’ Promise - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has become infamous for supporting illegal immigration and seeking to undo the efforts of ICE to crack down on it. As it turns out, the New York Police Department doesn't really give a darn, and "the NYPD and ICE communicate on a regular basis." They communicate so regularly, in fact, that advocates for NYC claim that the NYPD and ICE are "in collusion" with one another. Go NYPD!

STUDY: How Many Millennial Men Want Stay-At-Home Wives? The Number Will Stun You - A new study has come out about millennials between the ages of 18 and 25. The polls say that 58% of millennial men support "a family with a stay-at-home wife." (Compare this with 42% in 1994.) The study also said that 40% of millennials believe "the husband should make all the important decisions in the family." (This may not sound like a lot, but contrast it with 30% in 1994.) Another survey found that, in 1994, 84% of millennial women "rejected the superiority of a family with a male breadwinner"; this has shrunk down to 72% by 2014. As the article says at the very end: "Perhaps there is hope for the millennial generation."

POTUS Less Trusted Than Media, “Fake News” Comes From All Sources - Numbers have come out in a study regarding how much people trust Trump against the mainstream media, as well as how some people trust the mainstream media itself. For example, 58% said that Trump's relationship with the MSM hurts his image, while 51% also said that it hurts the media's image. Perhaps even more astounding, 62% of respondents said that "fake news" is reported by "traditional major news sources," either regularly or occasionally. This same 62% believe that "fake news" is reported either to further an agenda (39%), or because of shoddy reporting (17%), or both (6%).

Watergate-style Wiretapping Confirmed - Similar to a link I provided in a previous weekly report, with more information.

Foreign Affairs

Berlin in hot water for not lighting Brandenburg Gate in tribute to St. Petersburg attack victims - St. Petersburg recently suffered a terrorist attack on a subway train. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, however, did absolutely nothing. Contrast this with their move to light up the gates for the attacks in Orlando, Nice, and Jerusalem. Berliners wrote angry letters showing support for Russia, and even the Berlin police department expressed outrage at this move. The Dresden Palace of Culture, by contrast, lit itself up with the Russian flag by order of the city mayor. Also contrast this with the fact that the Eiffel Tower only did something after "the city's authorities came under massive public pressure on social networks." (source)

EU ULTIMATUM: Brussels tells Poland & Hungary to 'accept more migrants or LEAVE the bloc' - When the EU demanded European nations let in at least 160,000 refugees, both Poland and Hungary ignored, and thwarted, the EU's efforts to do so. Now, EU leadership is demanding Poland and Hungary comply, or "face consequences, both financial and political." Somehow I don't think Poland and Hungary are going to care much.

Immigration Woes

Sweden terror as truck RAMS into crowds in Stockholm – suspect arrested after four killed - As it turns out, it doesn't matter how welcoming and accommodating you are to Muslims - terrorists will still come after you. Sweden has become the victim of a vehicular terrorist attack as a hijacked truck went through central Stockholm, killing four people and injuring dozens (including two children). Authorities have arrested the suspect, an immigrant from Uzbekistan who "reportedly posted jihadist propaganda on his Facebook page and shared images of people injured in the explosion at the Boston Marathon in April 2013." The European Union and company have, of course, made statements of solidarity with Sweden, even though they'll most likely do little to deter the multiculturalism which made such things possible to begin with.

Video of gender-segregated Muslim school bus leaves Swedish authorities fuming - Swedish officials, including the prime minister, are outraged after a video shows one Muslim school girls to use the back door, while girls use the front. Every outcry from "This doesn't belong in Sweden" to "This doesn't belong in democracy" has made it clear that Swedes don't like this much. It also shows they don't understand what multiculturalism does to your nation.

‘No Go’ Zones In Sweden Are So Overrun By Muslim Refugees That Even Feminists Are Running Scared - Some parts of Sweden are getting real bad. How bad? One feminist said on Swedish TV that she "avoids the center of town in Tengsta, where she lived for 30 years," due to "radical fundamentalists" growing in that community. And just a reminder, Sweden is still suffering from a rape epidemic thanks to the growth of immigrants who do the raping.

Teenage girls arrested over suspected French terrorist plot - Two teenage girls, the youngest of them just 14-years old, were arrested in their homes in Nice and Levens. They are but a sample of the several teenagers who have been arrested across France, all for Islamic terrorist-related plots. This includes three other girls who were arrested back in February.

Gatestone Institute: 423 New Mosques, 500 Closed Churches in London - Found within London - and indeed, across Europe - is the growing trend for there to be a drop in churches, and a rise in mosques. Many churches are being converted into mosques. An Islamic preacher has even remarked: "London is more Islamic than many Muslim countries put together."

Illegal immigrants from MS-13 gang arrested for teens' murders - Ten illegals "including one who was previously deported" were indicted for a string of violence, including the murder of two girls, who were beaten to death with bats. And some of you thought Rockville High School and the problems there were just an isolated incident. In fact, this isn't even an isolated incident: three MS-13 members were arrested in Roanoke after they murdered a 17-year old boy. (source)

American teen pleads guilty to Isis-inspired pope murder plot - Santos Colon, a teenager who used the adopted name "Ahmad Shakoor," sought back in 2015 to "recruit a sniper to shoot the pope" at a mass in Philadelphia. He also planned to set off explosives at the same time, all in the name of ISIS. He found a guy willing to do it, except it turned out... OOPS! It was an undercover FBI agent. He was instead arrested quietly twelve days before the event. Apparently ISIS wannabes don't seem to realize that killing off the pope that supports bowing down to Muslims and opening up the borders of Europe might be rather counterproductive.

Muslim refugee, 20, who raped a boy, 10, in his Sydney home says what he did 'is not a crime because it is acceptable in his homeland' - A Muslim "refugee" from Myanmar, now residing in Australia, raped the son of another refugee while the boy was alone. He was caught and arrested, but claimed he too had been a victim of sexual abuse as a child, and that "sexual assault was not seen as morally wrong in his homeland." You know what's even more astounding? The judge bought it! He said the man showed a "lack of morality," going on to add: "The offence appears to have been (viewed) as being culturally acceptable conduct in the offender's childhood." Gee, I wonder why "rapefugees" feel so emboldened to do what they do?

PC Insanity

Rachel Maddow fans erupt at 'sexist' NBC after the anchor is bumped from her own show because of Syria strike and replaced by Brian Williams who waxes lyrical at 'beautiful' missiles - (Geez, Daily Mail, would you like some article with that headline?) Rachel Maddow fangirls went into a fury as her MSNBC show was interrupted for breaking news, and Brian Williams, the official breaking news anchor, took over things. The fangirls claimed this was sexist, since Maddow is perfectly capable of handling breaking news. (After all, the tax returns thing definitely showed how serious a journalist she can be.) Never mind that Brian Williams is the official breaking news anchor, not Maddow, so it's only natural he, not Maddow, would be put in charge for breaking news. (Astounding logic, I know.) Also never mind that it's laughable to think Marxist-State-NBC would be "sexist" about anything.

Elizabeth Warren Just Got EXPOSED! Report Proves She’s A HUGE HYPOCRITE Who Discriminates Against Her Women Staffers - Elizabeth Warren, the most powerful Native American senator in Congress, is a big champion to end the supposed gender pay gap. However, a report of her staff members shows a slight inconsistency: "the annual median salary among male staffers working for Sen. Warren totaled $73,750, while female staffers doing the exact same job averaged $52,750, or to be more exact earned 71-cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts." OOPS! By the usual logic used regarding the pay gap theory, Warren is only perpetuating this. Naughty, naughty!

U. Minnesota settles lawsuit with employee who objected to race descriptors in crime reports - The University of Minnesota has paid $65,000 to an employee who had "complained about the school using suspects’ race in university crime alerts," since the crime alerts "often identified suspects as black males." As anyone who has worked in news media will tell you, it sort of helps, if a suspect belongs to a minority of the population, to mention that. As blacks only comprise 13% of the American population, someone belonging to that racial group will help eliminate people looking out for someone who might belong to the other 87%.

Sorry, Chechnya LGBT Murders Don’t Prove ‘Christian Countries Do it Too’ - An article by Jon Levine that responds to claims that accounts regarding Chechnyan police rounding up and murdering homosexuals doesn't fit into the "Christians do bad stuff too!" narrative pushed by the left, in defense of Islam. In fact, it forgets that Chechnya is a semi-autonomous, majority Muslim region ruled by a Muslim. OOPS! Ah, I love when a narrative crashes and burns.

MSNBC’s Matthews Defends Rice — Suggests Gender Is Motivation of Critics, Calls Tom Cotton ‘Bates Motel’ - Chris Matthews, speaking on the scandal with Susan Rice, made the side comment: "Notice it’s always a female? Just a thought." Just last week, he compared Ivanka Trump and her husband to Saddam Hussein's murderous sons (see here); now he's trying to claim that criticism of Susan Rice is because she's a female. Again, why does anyone take Chris Matthews seriously? In fact, why does anyone take anyone at MSNBC seriously? (Another person on MSNBC said the criticism of Susan Rice was because she was female and black.)

Prof tries to get conservatives fired over FB argument - Elizabeth Bishop, a professor at Texas State University, got into a Facebook argument with Colton Duncan. Duncan had posted that he saw double standards with the university in whom it permitted to speak. The conversation soon turned into a capitalism versus communism debate (as internet conversations often do). Alexander Morrissette, an employee at the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), joined in on Duncan's side. During the course of the debate, a student started to "like" many of the statements Morrissette made. In retaliation, Bishop called Morrissette's workplace, claiming he "had made a disparaging Facebook post about her." The TPPF just laughed it off, which angered Bishop more. She found where the student who had "liked" Morrissette's posts worked, and called them, demanding "they investigate her and her 'associates' for 'hate speech,' and further demanded that the student be removed from her leadership positions on campus." What's worse is Bishop is rumored to become the next Dean of the College of Liberal Arts - clearly a great position for someone ready to abuse power to silence those who disagree with her.

College drops charges against Christian student who challenged Muslim prof’s claims about Jesus - Last week I mentioned the Christian student who challenged a Muslim professor's claims about Christ's life and death. This followed a suspension, as well as blatant lies by the professor that the student was threatening her. The college has since cleared the student of the most serious charges, but still claims he is guilty for not treating others "in a respectful manner." The college went on to say he was "aggressive, disrespectful, and at times, vulgar in multiple verbal and electronic communications with faculty, staff and students." No evidence has been provided other than the fact the student disagreed with a Muslim professor's statements and got her triggered. One wonders what the college will do with the Muslim student who was permitted to say homosexuals should be killed?

SJW Madness

Villanova Student Shaves Her Head to Confront ‘Hair Privilege’ - In an ever growing battle to combat whatever privilege may exist, one girl, who claimed she was "not a big fan of being oppressed," got on Facebook Live and "shaved her head on camera to Beyoncé songs." She said that she was not only fighting gender norms in society, but also her own privilege at being able to grow her hair out so long. She ended the video with: "One must forgo some of their undeserved privileges to provide justice for others. Are you wiling to shave?"

Marvel’s David Gabriel On Sales Slump: People “Didn’t Want Any More Diversity,” “Didn’t Want Female Characters” - After several progressive comic stories, Marvel has announced they intend "to stop wearing their politics on their shirt sleeves," due to a "Marvel sales slump that began last October." The Marvel VP of sales explained: "We saw the sales of any character that was diverse, any character that was new, our female characters, anything that was not a core Marvel character, people were turning their nose up against." Gotta love the phraseology "turning their nose up against." Yes, Marvel, clearly it's the readers' fault for not being sophisticated enough for your social justice stories.

NAU prez rejects 'safe spaces,' students demand resignation - President Rita Cheng of Northern Arizona University recently held an open forum with students. While answering a question, Ms. Cheng gave her negative opinion of safe spaces. Specifically, she said: "I think that you as a student have to develop the skills to be successful in this world and that we need to provide you with the opportunity for discourse and debate and dialogue and academic inquiry..." In other words, safe spaces don't help you deal with the real world as an adult. Sounds smart, right? Except NAU's student action coalition walked out immediately afterward and demanded Ms. Cheng step down, saying "she's not ready or willing to engage in these serious conversations and more importantly work towards solutions." Funny, being able to engage in serious conversations and work towards solutions is exactly what safe spaces prevent you from doing, which is what Ms. Cheng's point was all about. The atmosphere of modern higher education, ladies and gentlemen. (Want to know something even more amusing? The student action coalition released a statement filled with typo errors, causing Campus Reform to add [sic] after quite a few of them. Modern higher education indeed!)

Outing Christian Bigots In Australia - Several major Australian businesses, including Qantas and Google Australia, have begun asking their employees to wear a ring to symbolize the "most public declaration for marriage equality" thus far. In other words, if you support gays getting married, wear a ring. They've clarified that "staff would not be under any obligation to wear the rings" - however, this basically marks out those who do and do not support the move. How can this not be some form of manipulation and pressure?

Stream: March For Science Descending Into Farce - The March for Science event is being led by Bill Nye, the leader of the scientism cult. That isn't sitting well with some people. Why? Well, some organizers are worried "that onlookers will notice Nye is white, and a man, and project his male-whiteness onto Science itself." I wish I was making that up. The March for Science has already released a few diversity statements, including a tweet they later removed which read: "colonization, racism, immigration, native rights, sexism, abelism, queer-, trans-, intersex-phobia, & econ justice are scientific issues." All of this, of course, shows that the I-love-science cult has little to do with an actual love for real science. This is especially ironic, given Bill Nye has openly said that race is a social construct and doesn't exist.

Teen Admitted to Stanford After Writing ‘#BlackLivesMatter’ 100 Times on Application - No, you didn't read that wrong. A Muslim teenager was admitted into a major university by responding to the question "What matters to you, and why?" by writing #BlackLivesMatter a hundred times. Stanford declared that they loved his "passion, determination, accomplishments and heart." The funny thing is the teenager was actually surprised by this, as he didn't think he was going to get in at all.

Harvard students form 'Dumbledore's Army' to fight against Trump agenda - Students at Harvard University's School of Government have declared a resistance group to "fight back against President Trump's agenda." They say that they were inspired by "Dumbledore's Army," referring to the group of students from the Harry Potter universe who banded together to learn how to combat the Dark Arts, even as the Ministry of Magic said not to. This is but one of thousands of examples (I wish I were joking) where leftists have made reference to Harry Potter and other fictional canons to draw their inspiration and worldview from. Oh, but it's bad to draw your worldview from the Bible because that's not real. Okay, yeah, sure...

Hailed as Progressive Move, New Emojis Include Gender Neutral, Hijabi Faces - 56 new emojis have been released, including "183 sequences of skin tone variations, flags and gender." This list also includes "wizards, elves, fairies and new food items." I must say this certainly is a bold, progressive move - it has been too long since wizards and elves were underrepresented!

War on Children

Catholic pro-life teacher ruled out - A pro-life Roman Catholic teacher at a public school excused himself rather than sit in on Planned Parenthood's Teen Outreach Program. He was "terminated from his teaching position in November 2013," but "filed an employee discrimination complaint." A District Court judge threw out the case, saying the Teen Outreach Program "was in no way a burden on his religious beliefs." Yes, so a guy who belongs to a religious organization that deems abortion immoral has to sit in on a program sponsored by the biggest bunch of baby-killers in the country, and that's not "a burden on his religious beliefs." Our modern court system, ladies and gentlemen.

Abortion Activist Knocks Down Pro-Life Signs and Screams Profanities at Pro-Life Students - Last Monday, a pro-life display was being held at Texas State University. Suddenly, a young student started to scream: "Get the f--- out of here with this bulls---! This is f---ing bulls---! Get this s--- out of here!" While screaming this, he assaulted the signs, kicking and punching them while being told to calm down. The college's Pan African Action Committee praised the action on their Twitter account and asked: "What can we do to make sure this student is safe from any university action?" Other leftist students praised the student's action. Basically, leftists don't like it when you remind you just what their evil looks like, and will respond like reprobate sinners do.


CNN Interviews Fake Police Chief - A Mark Dice video showcases a prank caller known as "Captain Janks." While his shtick is mainly slipping into random call-in shows and making references to Howard Stern (whom he's a big fan of), he's likewise gotten himself on major news networks, including MSNBC and CNN. He's claimed to be eyewitnesses, police chiefs, mayors of major cities like San Diego, and other sources, and will talk for quite a while, playing the part absolutely straight (and frighteningly convincing), before finally dropping the Howard Stern reference. Immature? Sure. However, it's often hilarious. What's even more hilarious is that this demonstrates just how shoddy the journalism and fact-checking at places like CNN or MSNBC is. If some random guy can just call in and be thrown on the air to provide information, what does that say about the news station's level of discernment?

Bastardized Charges - When it became clear that Neil Gorsuch was going to be the new Supreme Court judge, the media started to accuse Gorsuch of committing plagiarism in a 2006 book. Academics have reviewed the claims of plagiarism and say they are completely false, stemming largely from "a misunderstanding of academic citation standards." One part he supposedly plagiarized, to give another example, is merely stating the facts from a certain case; one of the plagiarism investigators said "it would have been awkward and difficult for Judge Gorsuch to have used different language." Even more amusing is that some of the people Gorsuch supposedly plagiarized from looked at the claims and deemed Gorsuch completely innocent. DERP!

Leftists Are Attacking Alt Right Chats With Child Pornography - Left-wingers have started to post child pornography on right-wing channels found on the social media sites Discord, Slack and Rocketchat. Why? So they can then "report these channels to the service provider, getting them banned." One wonders, however, how exactly they got their hands on that kind of pornography...

NYT: IQ Is Hereditary (As Long as the Question Is Whether NYT Subscribers Should Feel Guilty About Delaying Motherhood) - Just a little examination of how IQ - usually laughed at by the left as being irrelevant to social issues - is suddenly put into the forefront "when the question is whether upper middle class women... should feel guilty about delaying motherhood."

Susan Rice Denies Trump Team Targeted, Senator Calls for Investigation - Just a little summary on when crap went down over this incident.

Psychologists Now Claim People Are Suffering PTSD From Climate Change - From the book entitled You Have Got to be Kidding Me comes a new revelation: the American Psychological Association has declared that some people are having full-blown Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The APA declares: "The psychological responses to climate change, such as conflict avoidance, fatalism, fear, helplessness, and resignation are growing. These responses are keeping us, and our nation, from properly addressing the core causes of and solutions for our changing climate, and from building and supporting psychological resiliency." Yes, so now you have soldiers who have seen buddies shred to bits before their eyes placed alongside people worried about it getting a little hotter every year. Clearly they're the same thing. I'm suddenly reminded of SJW artist Andrew Dobson, who claims PTSD from all the harassment he's taken on the internet. ("Harassment" meaning valid criticism, both for his artwork and his behavior towards critics.)

The Curious Case of Louise Mensch - Admittedly I knew very little about Louise Mensch, other than people complained about her on Twitter, and what little I saw told me I didn't want anything to do with her. This article, however, does a good job outlining her backstory, as well as highlighting some of the most insane things she's claimed. One example: "[She claimed] that serial pervert and former US Congressman Anthony Weiner was actually caught in a Russian sting operation when he was busted for sexting underage girls. Apparently the girls in question did not exist and were fabricated by Russia."

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And Super Mutant of the Week goes to... Donald Trump!

Breaking: U.S. military launches tomahawk cruise missile attack against Syria - When I came up with the "Super Mutant of the Week" category, the idea was to stick with traits that a super mutant portrayed. Namely, they can be tough, useful, maybe even a challenge at times... but they can also betray an extreme show of ignorance. Right now, that perfectly describes how I feel towards our current Commander-in-Chief. Did I vote for him? Yes. Have I praised or acknowledged the good things he's done? Certainly. (Look at my Fighting the Tide category.) However, I've never believed he was infallible, let alone he was everything he claimed to be. (Heck, I got some flack on Twitter for daring to claim he might not be a real Christian.) Naturally, when word was announced on April 6 that Trump had ordered attacks against Syrian forces, I was utterly flabbergasted. No, I was enraged. What in the heck was Trump doing?! This was what he had opposed during the election. This was why people had voted for him. Then Trump goes on TV and says this was a "vital national security interest"? Pardon my French, but bull-shahonkey. Even more astounding are all the conservatives either proving they're members of a Trumpkin cult, or Fox News claiming that this was what Trump always wanted to do. Now there's a vibe coming from the administration that they'll be pushing to oppose Assad and possibly topple him. Really? Now we're not only going to antagonize Russia more, but we're going to oppose the one power trying to fight ISIS and all the other jihadists who actually are related to vital national security interests. Expect a longer post on this whole thing for sure. Trump has lost me as a supporter; he's lost a ton of others as well. Die-hard supporters are either calling Trump out on his consistency, or throwing him to the curb altogether. God help America.

And Ghoul of the Week goes to... George Soros!

Pro-Abortion Group Forced to Return Illegal Grant From Billionaire Activist George Soros - George Soros has made many enemies across the world, mostly for pushing globalist agendas or undermining national efforts to combat uncontrolled immigration. Now documents from the Open Society Foundation, his own personal agenda pushing group, have been leaked, revealing plans "to push Ireland and other countries to legalize abortion." This caused Ireland's Standards in Public Office to investigate the matter, since a pro-abortion group had received $25,000 from Soros, a violation of an Irish law which "prohibits groups from receiving donations larger than 100 Euros from foreign groups for political purposes." Currently the Irish constitution "protects unborn babies' right to life and prohibits abortions except when the mother’s life is in jeopardy" - now, Soros and company want to change that. There's worry that Soros wants to make abortion happen in Ireland to send a message to other traditionally Roman Catholic nations, such as Poland, that pro-abortion laws can be a possibility. The Irish pro-abortion group in question told the Irish government the Soros money was to "fund educational and stigma-busting projects," but their application for the money read that it was for "strategic goal of garnering support for repeal of the Eighth Amendment." OOPS! The money has now been returned, but the fact remains that Soros is pushing a pro-abortion agenda across the remnants of Europe still combating the evil.